What is the Free-opinion.com created for?

Free-opinion.com is created for people who are aware of the events in their city, country, continent or world. Here you can create a question which may be important to many people and see how people think of your question. Questions in this site are displayed as polls, where everyone can vote and add comments. The questions can only have two possible options - it is the easiest way to find people's opinion on various poll, because every poll gets their shape as white-vs-black.

How to find interesting polls?

There are several options. Firstly you can view global (worldwide) or local (your country-wide) polls to find some interesting things there. Secondly - use search! Most relevant polls will be displayed.

How to vote in particular poll?

You choose your side, click on it, and you have to enter the security code to prevent non-human votes.

Can I vote more than one time?

Yes, but only one time in one hour.

How to create my own poll?

It's easy. Click on button 'Create your poll' on top of the page - and fill the form, upload any images if necessary.  You have to be logged in to create poll.

How to spread my poll or poll that is interesting for me or others?

You can use "Share" link on bottom of the poll - just enter your friend's emails. Alternatively you can spread the ideas through any social networks or messengers.

Can I donate for this site?

Yes, choose "Donate" on the bottom of the page and see the instructions.

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